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Our Specialty

We specialize in serving professional athletes and understanding the unique demands and requirements of the professional sports world. From finding homes close to training facilities to ensuring privacy and security, our expertise is tailored to you for you. As athletes and realtors, we both know better than anyone the challenges that come with relocating. The changes in scenery, logistics, and probably the most important, the need for a place that truly feels like home within a new city, are all aspects we face.


We understand the perfect home needs to align with your unique needs and aspirations. Whether it's getting drafted, getting traded, or signing with a new team in free agency it’s our goal to make your next move as smooth as possible. Besides finding your dream home, we are also here to provide real estate investment advice. Setting yourself and your family up for years to come is important. If you plan on doing that through real estate, we are here to help. Providing real estate investment education is important to us, as we believe in the power real estate has to build lasting generational wealth.

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Why Athletes Hire Us:


Relocation Experts

We understand the time-sensitive nature of your move and work tirelessly to streamline the process, from finding the ideal property to coordinating logistics. Being certificated relocation specialists we know the ins and outs of the relocation process and what it takes for a smooth transition.

Access to Exclusive Vendor Network

Our extensive vendor network includes professionals who specialize in athlete-specific needs. These include professionals such as interior designers, home gym installers, sport court contractors, security providers, etc.

National Referral Network

We are apart of a nationwide network of top-tier real estate professionals who service athletes across the nation. This allows us to connect you with the very best realtors who understand the specific relocation needs of athletes. Ensuring a seamless transition wherever you land next.

On The Ground Support

We understand there’s a good chance you won’t be present onmany if not all of the showings. We provide unmatched video walkthroughs with quality videoproduction and personal commentary that allows us to walk you through the property almostlike you were there in person.



Much like you we are competitive at nature. It’s our goal to get you the best possible deal based on the best possible terms. Our knack for negotiating allows us to find common ground with the opposing side, often times finding a win-win solution, but always certainly getting you what you need.


We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality in your career.Our loyalty is to you and will keep all personal information private and secured.


Personalized Service

We take time to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and long-term goals. Sometimes not buying a home may be the better option for you. Maybe instead of buying you should be renting or maybe buying an investment property makes more sense than buying a home. With us, you will always get a genuine opinion of your best options.


Long-Term Partnership

Many athletes return to us for multiple real estate transactions throughout their careers. Our commitment to building long-term relationships is a testament to the trust and satisfaction we build with our clients.

Real Estate Education

We believe in empowering clients with knowledge. It’s our goal to provide comprehensive real estate education to athletes, ensuring they make informed decisions throughout the buying or selling process. Additionally, it doesn’t stop with buying or selling a home. We help athletes create a real estate investment plan that will set them and their families for years to come.


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