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Our Services

Seller Specific Service Offerings

We are a real estate team based out of Tacoma and Las Vegas, and our approach to real estate is different than most. We are extremely laid back and have a ton of fun, all while being exceptionally professional. We’re here to help you find that ideal home, build wealth through real estate, and most importantly, educate you about the real estate game.

Property Valuation

By conducting thorough market analysis and leveraging local expertise, we help sellers determine the optimal listingprice, maximizing their potential return on investment and ensuring asuccessful sale in today's ever changing real estate market.


We prioritize clear and consistent communication with clients, keeping them informed at every step of the process and ensuring

their questions and concerns are addressed promptly. It’s our goal to create a
transparent and collaborative partnership.

Listing Strategy

Our goal is to maximize the visibility and appeal of your property by positioning your home above the the competition. Our tailoredplan includes staging, professional photography and videography, targeted marketing, and optimal timing to ensure your home stands out and attractsthe right buyers, leading to a successful and profitable sale.

Cutting Edge Marketing

From immersive virtual tours and AI-driventargeting to social media campaigns and drone photography, we employ adynamic approach to ensure your property captivates potential buyers intoday's ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Contract Management

We ensure that every aspect of your real estate transaction is handled with precision and diligence. From drafting and reviewing contracts to navigating negotiations and contingencies, weexpertly manage the paperwork and legalities, allowing you to focus on asmooth and successful closing.

Market Insights

Leveraging data and in-depth knowledge of the real estate landscape we guide clients towards strategic selling opportunities. Being aware of current inventory, quality, and pricing, we are able to giveyou multiple options how we can tackle pricing and presentation.


With a keen understanding of market conditions and a knackforfinding win-win solutions, we pride ourselves on getting clients the bestpossible terms.

Open Houses

We create an inviting experience for prospective buyers, showcasing your property in the best light. From professionally staged interiors to informative tours and interactive presentations of the home’s features, we ensure that every visitor leaves with a lasting impression.

Access to Vendor Network

Clients benefit from access to our extensive vendor network, a trusted community of professionals including inspectors, contractors, and service providers. Our network streamlines the buying process ensuring efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

Broker’s Opens

We provide an exclusive opportunity for local real estate professionals to preview and evaluate your property. By fosterin gconnections within the real estate community and gathering valuable feedback, we enhance the marketing and sale of your property.



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